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What Type of Dental Practice is Right for Me and My Family

Updated: Jan 18

Modern dentistry has come a long way since the brain numbing drill and rusty torture tools. Much of what we associate dentistry with is no longer the standard of care and replaced with state of the art equipment, digital advances, and comprehensible patient education tools. Silver or gold fillings and crowns now have tooth colored alternatives with similar and even superior properties. The overall experience is now based on patient comfort and autonomy rather than doctors preferences or beliefs. When searching for a dental practice that will meet yours and your family’s needs – here’s an easy and helpful guide to follow:

Dentist treating in Ellicott city

1. Insurance. Most local employers in the Howard County are offer dental insurance so be sure to get yourself and your family enrolled into a plan if you have the option. Consider your insurance benefits when searching for a local practice and be sure to check each individual doctor’s participation with your plan.

2. Commute. Location is everything when it comes to your dental practice. Just think, you and the members of your family will each have an appointment at least twice a year and possibly a few more times on top of that. Findings a local dentist at a reasonable distance from your home or work will allow for more flexibility of appointment times. For example, for people living/working in Howard County, the greatest number of dentists are located in or near 21045 Columbia, MD, which allows more choices and an easy commute from any point in Howard County.

3. Hours of Operation. Most dental offices operate on a typical Mon-Fri 8am-5pm schedule. However, you may find a select few who practice evening hours and/or on the weekend. It may be a good idea to find a dentist who can accommodate those hours in order to miss less days from work or school.

4. Pediatric dentistry. If you have children under the age of 12, they are likely to still have some baby teeth in their mouth. If so, it is important to find a dentist who sees children as well as adults and treats baby teeth. Certain cases will almost always require your children to see a pediatric dentist specialist but it always makes it easier for all your family’s dental needs to be addressed under one roof.

5. Orthodontics. A common concern that dentists may have with children is their teeth spacing and alignment. Once again, it might make for an easier experience logistically if the practice you select also has an orthodontist on staff to consult for any such concerns.

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