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General Dentistry and Routine Care Columbia, MD

General Dentistry in Ellicott City

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Preventative dentistry and routine care - We offer routine exams and cleanings for patients of all ages. Studies show that prevention is the best way to establish comprehensive dental health and the earlier routine care is established,  the lower the risk for oral disease in the future.

Restorative dentistry refers to various ways that missing tooth structure is replaced with the use of dental restorative materials. This can include fillings, repairs of fractured/chipped teeth, restorations of deteriorated teeth, etc.

Periodontics refers to the aspect of dentistry which focuses on the supporting structures of teeth and diseases which affects these tissues. There are multiple periodontal treatments which primarily focus on prevention and maintenance.

Oral Surgery - occasionally, when the prognosis of a tooth is hopeless, it may be in the patient's best interest to have the tooth extracted to prevent pain and/or infection.

Root Canal is the treatment of a tooth which involves treating the canals of the tooth in an attempt to save the tooth from either advanced decay, a deep fracture, trauma, etc.

Prosthodontics involves replacement of missing teeth and restoration of the smile and function of natural dentition.

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