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Full Mouth Dental Implants

Before & After dental treatment

Are Missing Teeth Holding You Back
From Being Happy and Enjoying Your Life?
You Can Have An
Amazing New
Radiant Smile In
Just One Day!

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Have You Been Looking For Teeth
Replacement Options
You’re Not Alone!

36 million Americans are missing all their teeth, and 120 million of them are
missing at least one tooth.

Missing a majority
of your teeth?

Preferred Dental can deliver you a totally new smile in
just one day with our cutting-edge full mouth implant
procedure. Your fully functional teeth will look and feel
totally natural in your mouth from the moment you leave
our office, and give you back the confidence that’s been
gone from your smile for far too long.
Root Canal

Understanding Our Process
The patients that walk through our doors know what they’re looking for. They want
their smile back. We’ve outlined our entire mouth implant process to help you

better understand how we deliver relief for our clients.

Step 1

After your first day at Preferred
Dental, you will have multiple teeth records and imaging taken for the doctor and the surgical team to begin the design and fabrication of your new smile!

Smile Check

Step 3

Once your implants have healed and have sufficiently fused to your jawbone, you’ll come back in and we’ll replace your temporary teeth with amore permanent set of teeth that are customized to fit your mouth.


Step 2

After your first procedure, you’ll walk out with new implants and a fresh new smile. But at this stage, the look is temporary. Dental implants require some time to heal and fuse to your jawbone.

Dental Work

Step 4

Smile! You get to leave our office and start living your absolutely best life without having to hide your happiness or joy!

Smiling Senior Couple

Don’t Go A Single Day Longer Hiding Your Smile.
Book a FREE Implant Consult today!

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